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Board of Governors

The members on IES-MCRC Board of Governors have been chosen to ensure an appropriate representation from industry and academic world. All the invited members on the Board have left an indeliable mark in their chosen field of expertise :-

  1. Name of Members
    Back Ground
  2. Mr. A. B. Vaidya
    President -IES
  3. Mr. Shailendra Gharse
    Hon. Secretary / CEO IES
  4. Mr. Satish Lotlikar
    Trustee -IES
  5. Mr. Satish Nayak
    Trustee -IES
  6. Mr. Sagar Sule
    Vice President - IES
  7. Mr. Sameer Tamhane
    Director ,HR, MSD India
  8. Dr. V. Rangaraj
    Corporate Expert –IES Nominee
    Former Advisor- Aditya Birla Group and Founder Chairman & Director- USIIC
  9. Dr. Ashok Pundir
    Educationist – IES Nominee
    Professor and Former Dean Student Affairs, NITIE
  10. Dr. Atanu Gosh
    Educationist – IES Nominee
    Professor SJMSOM- IIT Bombay.
  11. Mr. Sudarshan Jain
    Corporate Expert –IES Nominee
    Former MD- Abott Healthcare Solutions
  12. Mr. Ninad Karpe
    Corporate Expert –IES Nominee
    Partner 100X.VC and Past Chairman- Confederation of India Industry Western Region
  13. Ms. Deena Mehta
    Corporate Expert- IES Nominee
    MD, Asit Mehta Investments and former President- Bombay Stock Exchange
  14. Mr. V. S. Parthasarathy
    Corporate Expert- IES Nominee
    Group CFO & Group CIO- Mahindra & Mahindra and President- BCCI
  15. Ms.. Vinath Hegde
    Corporate Expert –IES Nominee (Alumni Representative)
    CRM, Eureka Forbes Ltd.
  16. Dr. C. S. Verma
    AICTE Nominee (Ex-officio)
    Regional Officer, WRO,AICTE
  17. Dr. Abhay Wagh
    State Govt. Nominee (Ex-officio)
    Director, Technical Education, M.S.
  18. Dr. Dinesh Harsolekar
    Member Secretary
    Director. IESMCRC
  19. Dr Vijay Bhangale
    Faculty Nominee
    Dean, IESMCRC
  20. Dr Mohan Rao
    Faculty Nominee
    Associate Dean, IESMCRC
  21. Dr Suhas Pai
    Faculty Nominee
    Professor, IESMCRC
  22. Dr Ritu Sinha
    Faculty Nominee
    Assistant Professor, IESMCRC
  23. Mr B. G. Ghadi
    Staff Nominee
    Registrar IESMCRC