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Social Activities

Going by the Mission statement of IES-MCRC we have a firm belief that a management graduate cannot become a successful manager unless he is socially sensitive. IES-MCRC encourages students to participate in many community development services. These activities help students see the picture of the real world. The community development services are undertaken through CSR projects and a specially created cell called – RYTHM.

CSR Projects

All the first year students of IES-MCRC are required to undertake CSR projects as part of their curriculum. These projects are done either with the CSR departments of corporate houses or NGOs. Every student spends at least 40 hours on such projects. Through these projects they get opportunities to meet people who are always in need of support from the society. At the end of the project the students are required to write a report and give presentation which is evaluated by the faculty members along with industry people under whose guidance the projects are completed.


RYTHM is a voluntary community development cell created by IES-MCRC students. Unlike CSR projects, students work on voluntary basis in this cell under the guidance of faculty members. RYTHM cell organizes many activities which fall in the category of community development services. Some of the examples of these activities are blood donation camp, social awareness seminar, tree plantation, visiting and spending time in old age homes and orphanages, organizing anti-smoking campaign, holding seminar on gender sensitization, etc.