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IES-MCRC was among the few institutes who pioneered the mentoring programme for its students. The system has now well established. Under the mentoring programme all the students are attached to faculty mentors. The mentor / mentee relationship goes beyond academics and career guidance. A sincere effort is made to create a culture wherein mentor / mentee bonding becomes very strong and mentees freely interact with their mentors. “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could go because someone else thought that they could”. This is exactly what the mentors do because they identify the strengths of their mentees and work on those strengths. This works as a great encouragement for the mentees to do their best to succeed in life. The mentors provide necessary guidance to their mentees and direct them to the right path by motivating them at each and every step. The mentor / mentee relationship in IES-MCRC is so effective that even after completing the programme, many of the alumni look for guidance of their mentors.