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From the Director's Desk

Learning is an experience, everything else is just information – Albert Einstein

Keeping this philosophy in mind, we at IESMCRC focus on a learner-centric pedagogy that balances learning, doing, and being. To ensure this, our students learn management not only in the classrooms but also outside the classrooms.

To make our students industry ready, we continuously upgrade our syllabus and this happens with an active participation of industry experts. While revising the syllabus and incorporating co-curricular activities, we strongly believe in doing experiments and trying out new things. As a result of this approach we have pioneered many new concepts in our programme structure and curriculum. Emphasis is on industry relevance and social impact in our teaching and research.

We are very proud to have a group of committed faculty members with industry experience who are continuously engaged in the process of overall development of our students.

Thus we try to inculcate a value-based growth mind-set in students that balances personal welfare and social good through a combination of academics, research and all-round development of our students.

- Dr. Vijay Bhangale