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Bloomberg Finance & Business Lab

Bloomberg was founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg as “a global provider of 24-hour financial news and information, including real-time and historic price data, financials data, trading news, and analyst coverage, as well as general news and sports.”  
The Bloomberg Lab at IES MCRC gives students access to a world-renowned financial, regulatory and market database that's used by virtually all of the major financial firms and organizations around the globe.

Key highlights

·     One of the largest Bloomberg Labs in Mumbai
IES MCRC has 12 Bloomberg Terminals and can house up to 48 students at a time.

·     Research and Curriculum Integration
Bloomberg Intelligence and data is used extensively for cutting edge research. Courses like Financial Derivatives, Fundamental Analysis, Security Analysis and Portfolio management will be integrated with Bloomberg Terminal. Dedicated professor and student toolkits are provided to help faculty and students for optimal Bloomberg Terminal Utilization.

·     Program workshops, Certifications and Competitions
Faculty development program (FPD) will be conducted.Students can participate in Bloomberg Trading Challenge where they make and manage their own investment portfolios. Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) a regarded foundational course in finance can be done by all students free of cost.

Bloomberg Lab Opportunities
Provide students with an experience as close as possible to a real financial organization
Work on a broad range of financial, economic and accounting activities, including portfolio management, risk management, derivatives markets, currency markets, financial engineering and corporate finance
Be adept with analytical and decision-making skills
Promote personal & professional development
Overnight Global Market Movement Analysis and its Impact on different markets