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Information Resource Centre

IES MCRC Information Resource Centre aims to cater to information needs of faculty, students, research scholars, and other members of the library by providing an excellent collection of literature. The well furnished, air conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled Library is located on 1st floor of the building with a seating capacity of 130 students. The library also has one Discussion Room where students can hold discussions.

The Library has more than 38,500 books in print and 29,000 books  in electronic formats  covering subjects like, business and management, economics, IT, Law and related areas in the forms of Print and . The Reference Section of the library has varied collection of Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Case Studies, Handbooks, Government Reports and manuals on various aspects of Management studies and related areas. The library also has a good collection of E-books.

The periodical section of the library is the “Information Powerhouse” through which current information found in the Journals, newspapers and magazines .The library boasts of 55 Indian and International Journals and periodicals  in print form and more than 12,000 E-Journals available online. The library also has varied collection of non-book materials in form of VCDs, DVDs, Audio CDs and E-books. 

Equipped with modern facilities, the library provides a conducive environment to the users. The library is fully automated with Barcode system, which enables users to access the information readily. The bibliographic details of the library documents can be accessed through OPAC anytime anywhere.

E-Resources section is a vital source for academic research and up to date business information, with this thinking the library has subscribed to following e-databases:

  • E-Journals Databases(02): ProQuest (ABI/Inform), EBSCO(BSE)

  • E-books Databases (01): ProQuest (E-brary)

The Digital Library Section of the library constitutes web OPAC, Institutional Digital Repository and Remote access facility. Institutional Digital Repository is a knowledge repository of e-books, research papers presented or published by the faculty members and e-learning materials.  The remote access facility provides remote access to all subscribed e-resources and intuitional repository through web and mobile apps . The Library follows an open access system encouraging the user to browse freely in the stack area. In order to meet growing thrust for knowledge, the library has become member of DENET (Developing Library Network)

Information Resource Centre

Library Vision

Empowering Information Resource Centre with technologically advanced services of the digital age in order to be recognized as 21st Century Academic and Research Hub which will provide updated knowledge across all formats.

Information Resource Centre

Library Mission

To provide extensive information resources and innovative services to meet the research, teaching and learning needs of academia.

Information Resource Centre


To provide extensive information resources and innovative services to meet the research, teaching and learning needs of academia.

More than 29,000
More than 3173
International journals
(Print copies)
National journals (Print Copies)
Institutional Memberships
E- Journals Databases (02)
1. ProQuest ABI/INFORM Complete
5354 Total Titles
5100 Full Text Titles
6000 Business Cases
40 News Papers
3000 Full Text Business Dissertations
7200 Annual Reports
2. EBSCO Business Source Elite – Plus
7239 Total No. of full text publications
1064 Full text peer reviewed
1000 Total Case studies
16000 Company profiles
147 Full text Books and monographs
Full Harvard Faculty Seminar and Vator TV Videos
E-books Database (01)
ProQuest E-brary
Access to 29,000 e-books pertaining to Business and Management.

Information Resource Centre


In order to enhance the resources of the library for academic research and up-to-date business information, the library has subscribed to various E-Resources. All subscribed e-resources can be accessed remotely through remote server facility (

E-Journal Databases

  • ProQuest (ABI / Inform Complete)
    ProQuest database includes 5100 full text titles , 6000 business cases, 3000 full text Business dissertations and 7,200 annual reports.

  • EBSCO Business Source Elite – Plus
    This database provides full text coverage of scholarly business, management and economics journals. It offers full text over 3000 business publications and contain expanded PDF doc file for 150 titles. It also includes company profiles from datamoniter.

E-books Database

  • ProQuest E-brary (E-books):
    This  database provides access to more than 29000 e-books pertaining to Economics and Business & Management Science.

Information Resource Centre

Working Hours

The library reading room is kept open for more than 12 hrs. a day, the book issue/return service is also available to users from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on all weekdays and 10.00 am to 6 pm on Sundays and select bank holidays during examinations.

Information Resource Centre

E-Learning Facilities

The Institute has developed a digital repository using Dspace digital library software. This is a knowledge repository of e-books, research papers presented or published by the faculty members and e-learning materials. The e-learning materials include Class Notes, PPTs, Case Studies and other important learning materials. Students can access and download the learning materials through Remote Access Facility  

Information Resource Centre

Remote access facility

The Institute provides remote access facility through MyLoft Remote Access Facility.The e-resources viz., E-journals, e-books, e-databases subscribed by the library can be accessed remotely. E-Reources can be accessed through web and Mobile Apps. The link to National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) which provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses is provided through this facility. The remote access facility is available at

Access Resources

Information Resource Centre

Library OPAC

Library Online Public Access Catalogue (Web-OPAC)

This catalogue includes an index of books, CDs, Project Reports,  Studies and e-books. The online catalogue is highly versatile and user-friendly with simple and advanced search. The latest titles appear in a carousel or also available in a list. The titles are displayed with cover images. The library members can check list of current and past checkouts, save search history and  make purchase suggestions online. The members can also check the book shelf virtually using virtual shelf browser.
The Web OPAC is accessible at

Access Resources

Information Resource Centre

Plagiarism Checker

The library has subscribed to URKUND Anti-Plagiarism software. It is a digitalized, fully-automated system for detecting plagiarism. The students need to check their project reports (Final /Summer) for plagiarism using this software.

Information Resource Centre

Library Membership

Membership and loan Privilege:

  1. Students
    Student members of IES- Library are issued 2 library tickets and one reference ticket.  Such cards remain in force for the duration of the study year and are not transferable.  To become a student member -
    - Apply in prescribed form
    - Submit photocopy of fee receipt
    Students can borrow 2 books at a time for 7 days.  Periodicals, Cassettes and CDs are issued against Reference Card for 3 hrs time.  Audio/Video material is strictly to be viewed in the Institute premises only.
  2. Alumni
    To become a member -
    - Apply in prescribed form of IES Management Alumni Library Membership
    - Show proof for having been a student of IES MCRC
    - Should be a member of Association of IES Alumni
    - Pay requisite membership Fee.
Loan Period
Refundable Deposit
Annual Fees
1 Book
1 Month
Rs 2000/-
Rs. 100/-
  1. Faculty/Administrative staff
    On appointment as full time faculty or administrative staff, he/she automatically becomes a member of library. Visiting faculty will be issued one Library ticket on application in the prescribed form. The card will remain in force till the period of his/her teaching.
Loan Period
Full Time Faculty
15  books issued
2 books on reference
3 journals (Back Issues)
1 month
Same day
1 Week
2 days/ Duration of Training
Visiting Faculty
3 books
15 days
Administrative Staff
1 book
15 days

Information Resource Centre

Library Services

  • Koha- Integrated Library Management Software  
    The library is fully automated with a full featured modern intergrated Koha Library Management Software. All library operations (Cataloguing, circulation, acquisition, serials and stock verification) are automated and managed by Koha software. The online Library catalogue can be accessed anytime anywhere. The library members get the email or/text updates on all circulation activities including overdue notices. The members can check the status of purchase suggestions online. The usage of the library and library resources is also monitored using this software. The software facilitates different types of reports generation. 
  • Inter Library loan Facility (ILL)
    IES  Library  has  become  a  member  of  DELNET  (Developing  Library  Network) and AIRC(American Information Resource Centre) to meet ever growing thirst for knowledge among students and faculty members.

    The library can borrow documents from other libraries on Inter Library Loan basis by filling up the Institutional Membership forms.   The Institutional Membership forms are available with Library.
  • Complementary Business Newspapers
    To keep the students updated with latest business information, college provides complimentary copy of Economics Times on daily basis.
  • Reading Room
    The  library has  a  fully  air-conditioned  and  spacious  Reading  Room  on  1st   floor.  TheReading Room can accommodate about 130 students and is kept open for 12 hrs.
  • QR (Quick Response) Code
    The QR code for the list of past project reports and other useful library resources are displayed in the library.
  • Business News updates
    Daily updates on important business news are given to the students and faculty members.
  • Book Alert
    Every month a list of additions to the library collection is made available to the students and faculty members via email.
  • Periodical Alert
    Every fortnight a list of periodical new arrivals is sent to faculty members and students via e-mail.
  • Article Alert
    Article Alert is an alerting service where student can discover the latest articles published in select journals/e- journals subscribed by the library. The objective of introducing this service is to keep the students updated about the recent research published in scholarly literature.
  • Business Buzz-Newsletter
    This is a bi-monthly newsletter which provides relevant and latest information from various business sectors.
  • LeaderSpeak-Newsletter
    This monthly newsletter is a compilation of interviews of business leaders published in the newspapers and magazines .
  • Article Request
    The table of contents of the newly arrived journal/periodical is sent to the students through email. The pdf of full articles is shared with students as per request.  
  • In-house Book Exhibit
    The  library  celebrates  select  events  of  national  /international  importance  or  birthdays  ofrenowned management scholars. Through this service, the library collection (books and other resources) are displayed in the library.
  • Case Study Documentation
    Every month a list of case studies published in Journals and Periodicals subscribed by thelibrary is made available to faculty members and students via e-mail.
  • In-house publications and material
    The library preserves a collection of IES Publication material, IES events and activities.
  • Photocopying Facility
    Photocopying facility is available in the library. Students can avail of the service at Rs. 1/- a copy.
  • Printing Facility
    A printer is available in the library. Students can avail of the service at Rs.3/- a copy.
  • Suggestion and Feedback
    Purchase Suggestions from the students and faculty are invited in building the   collectionof   books in the library. In order to improve the quality of library services, IRC also collects feedback from the students.
  • Hands-on-Training
    Library organizes hands-on-training program on E- Resources subscribed by the library forFirst year students.
  • Overnight Issue
    Back issues of magazines can be borrowed on Reference card for overnight. Borrowingfacility is  available  after  7.00pm.  The  magazines  issued  on  reference  card  should  bereturned the next day by 9.00 am. Failing which a fine of Rs. 100/- is imposed.
  • Past Question papers
    They are available on the Institutional Digital Repository and students can access them through Remote Access Facility.
  • Equipment
    The library  has  equipment  like  headphones  and  computers.  Members can use theheadphones for three hours duration by borrowing on their reference cards. Computers canbe used to access the E-resources of the library.

Information Resource Centre

Rules and Regulations

Library Card
       1.1 Access to IES library is restricted to staff and students of IES MCRC.
    1.2 In case of loss of library cards or reference card, the library will make a         duplicate card on filling up of prescribed form with charges of Rs. 50/-  each.
       1.3 Members must carry their I– Cards to get entry and use the library.

Members must produce it when asked to do so by an authorized person.  The card must be used only by the member to whom it is issued.

Set of Text-books

The students can borrow a set of text-books from the library every trimester. The books should be returned within 15 days after trimester/semester exams are over.

Overdue Charges.

Book must be returned to the library on or before the due date.  If books are not returned to the library on the due date, an overdue charge will be Rs. 2/- per day per book after due date, till the date of return. This overdue charge will be Rs. 10/- per day, per book during exam period.  Library material issued on Reference Ticket should be returned on the same day or else a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged  per day till the date of return.

Reservation for book:

If desired book is not available in the shelf, reservation/demand slip may be filled in.

Renewal of the books:

        a.Students should renew the book personally and only once.
       b. Books will be renewed only if the book is not in demand.
        c. Books shall be renewed on or before due date.

Conditions for borrowing books:

  • Books shall be used with utmost care.
  • Borrower shall be personally responsible for safe custody and return for the library books.  Books damaged or lost are to be replaced by the borrower.
  • Loss of Library materials must be brought to the notice of the Librarian. Books damaged or lost will be replaced by the borrower with latest edition available; else he/she must pay the Market price for the same.
  • Reader shall not write upon, mark on and stain the library material, disfigure, tear and damage books.
  • Borrower must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of books at the time of borrowing the books and any defect or damage observed should be brought immediately to the notice of the counter staff.
  • Reference books, rare books, periodicals publications will not be issued for home lending.  They must be returned to the library before leaving the library.
  • If a student is found in habit of constant retaining the books for more than stipulated period the library facility shall be suspended for him/her for seven days.
  • The removal of any material from the library must be properly authorized and recorded.  Damage to, or unauthorized removal of material constitutes a serious offence and the nature of fine will depend upon the offence.
  • Books or other material taken from the stacks should not be re shelved by the readers but should be left on the table.  Please remember that a book misplaced is a book lost.
  • The Mark sheets may be withheld until all library materials have been returned and outstanding fines/charges are paid.

Other Rules :
For reason of security, bags and other personal belongings should not be left unattended.  The library will not be responsible in case of damage or theft of personal property.

Silence is required in study areas.  Loud conversation, standing in groups, discussions etc. are not allowed.  The use of mobile phones in the library is strictly prohibited.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in suspension of library facilities or exclusion from the library.

Smoking, consumption of food and drink (with the exception of bottled water) and the use of personal audio equipment are not permitted in the library.

Information Resource Centre

Library No Dues Certificate

  • Return all library material
  • Surrender Three Library Tickets and one Reference Ticket
  • Obtain No Dues Certificate
  • Students will get their mark sheets only on producing No dues certificate from the library and computer centre.

Library deposit refund should be collected within 3 years from the issue of passing certificate or else the deposit will be forfeited.

Information Resource Centre

Library Team