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Dr. Sapna Modi


Ph.D., MMM ( Masters in Marketing Management ), DMS ( Diploma in Management Studies), B.Sc. (Chemistry), IATA
I/c Director
Areas of Interest
Marketing, Strategic Management, Consumer Behaviour, Branding, Rural & Social Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking
Association with Institution
Date of Joining
January 18, 2024

Work Experience:

25+ Years

Papers Published:

62 Papers published in National Journals/ Conferences

20 Papers published in International Journals/ Conferences

10 Articles published online

Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Influence of Complaints on the Customer Buying Pattern In India: An Empirical Study – Maastrich University, EUROPE
  • Tourism in the shadow of terrorism- A study of foreign tourist behavior- IIT,  Delhi: 1st International Conference on Tourism and Technology 2011 (ICTT2011)    
  • Quality in higher education pattern - A study of perception and satisfaction behavior- IIT, Delhi: 2nd National Conference on Excellence in Higher education 2012.
  • Impact of Atm’s on Indian consumers banking
    pattern- IIT, Mumbai: 2nd International Conference on Services in Emerging Markets, 2011.
  • Woman empowerment, constraints and possibilities: a case study approach with special reference to self help groups in Maharashtra- Indian Economic Association
  • Indian Kirana Retail- A Case Of Survival And Differentiation – Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Management Studies – Navi Mumbai
  • Influence of Endorsement on Brands and Purchase Intent – GNIMS, Mumbai
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey of “Multiplexes versus Single Screen theatres” – SIMSAR, Mumbai
  • Impact of Economic Reforms on Indian Agriculture: Application of DSS and Geomatics Technology to reduce Marginalization – IEA, Bhuneshwar
  • Valuing Knowledge and Creativity Using Emerging Technologies like Semiotics for Effective Pedagogy in Management Education – IIFTR, Indore
  • Impact of “Sales” on Consumer Behaviour and Brand Image – Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute Of Management Studies – Navi Mumbai
  • Anxiety and Stress: An Interdisciplinary Study of a Life Situation at Call Center – Chetna Institute of Management, Mumbai
  • Impact of Celebrity endorsers on  brand image and purchase intent, – ITM, Warangal Institute of Management, National Seminar on Branding and Brand Metrics, Warangal, 2008
  • Willingness To Buy Domestic Products: A Study  Of  Ethnocentrism, ICFAI Business School (IBS)- Noida, National Level Seminar
  • Normative Influences On Consumer Ethnocentrism And Impulse Buying Behavior: A Case Of Consumers’ Delight, Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute Of Management Studies – Navi Mumbai, International Level Seminar
  • Hedonism and Consumer Delight: The Effect of Impulse Purchase on Consumers’ Affective States, Thakur Institute Of Management Studies and Research – Mumbai, National Level Seminar
  • Management- The Zen Way “Managers in Making”- SNDT University- Mumbai, National Seminar
  • Impact of Celebrity Endorsers on Brand Image and Purchase Intent- ITM Warangal- National Seminar
  • Indian Women in the entrepreneurial world-  Myth and Reality- Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management- Mumbai- National Seminar on Women Entrepreneurship, 2008
  • A study of Innovation as continuous aspect of change-  Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management-National Seminar on Business opportunities and Innovative Strategies: Breakthrough before you break down, 2011
  • Culture & Hedonism: Impact on Shopping Behaviour- A comparative study of India, China and Malaysia- Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies- Mumbai, National Conference on Innovations and Business Success, 2008
  • Impact of Human Capital Approach as an Innovative HR Practice in Controlling Employee Attrition- Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies International Research Conference on Innovation based Sustainable Practices of Organizations, 2015
  • A Study on Customers satisfaction in Reverse logistics of E- Commerce, Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies International Research Conference on Innovation based Sustainable Practices of Organizations, 2015
  • Entrepreneurial challenges in Social Environment- Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies, National Seminar on Entrepreneurship, 2013
  • Indian Kirana Retail- A case of survival and differentiation by managing service quality, School of Management Studies University of Hyderabad, 2010
  • Comparative study of Consumer Behavior Apparel market India Vs China, Indian Education Society’s Management College and Research Center- Mumbai, IES Marketing Conference, 2008
  • An Assessment of the Consumer Ethnocentric Tendency, Kohinoor Business School, Mumbai- National Conference on Sustainable Development and Growth, 2014
  • Studying Consumer Buying Behavior Practices in Digital Age, Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research, 3rd International conference on Redefining Management Practices in the Digital Age, Navi Mumbai, 2014
  • An Evaluation of Impact of SHG on the Social Empowerment of Women in Maharashtra- Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Lonavala, International Conference on the Challenges of Rural Marketing in the 21st Century, 2011
  • Self service technology and its Impact on Banking Industry- Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Lonavala,  3rd International Doctoral Thesis, 2013
  • Factors Affecting empowerment and satisfaction of  Women Entrepreneurs in India: Case study of Lijjat Sisters, Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Lonavala, International conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2012
  • ATM’s and their impact on Indian  Banking Industry- Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Lonavala, International Doctoral Theses Conference, 2011
  • Quality of Service in Retail: A survey of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Mumbai, Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Lonavala, International Research conference on Retail in the Globalised era, 2011
  • Consumer Buying Behavior Pattern in Indian Retailing: An Empirical Investigation, Indira Institute of Business Management, 2013, National conference on Positioning Vision to Ethically Create Value for future growth, 2013
  • An attitudinal study of Rural Customer towards credit system, Indira Institute of Business Management, National Conference on Excellence through Innovation, 2014
  • FDI in higher education in India- The road ahead, Indira Institute of Business Management, 3rd National Research Conference on Paradigm shift in Business Management, 2015
  • Green Marketing- An exploratory research on Consumers awareness in Mumbai City, Indira Institute of Business Management, 3rd National Research Conference on Paradigm shift in Business Management, 2015
  • Indian Railways- Passengers Perspective- Indira Institute of Business Management, 3rd National Research Conference on Paradigm shift in Business Management, 2015
  • Implications of Societal status in tipping w.r.t Restaurant Service- Indira Institute of Business Management- Journal of Management Research, Dec 2015.
  • Factors affecting Impulse Buying behavior of consumers at Malls in Navi Mumbai- Indira Institute of Business Management, 4th National Research Conference on Make in India and Make for India- Journal of Management Research, April 2016. 
  • Indian Retail Industry- A case of Customer’s perception and Brand loyalty-, National Conference, Nirmal Education Society, 9th August, 2016.
  • Evaluation of Service Quality in Luxury Hotels of Goa: A cross cultural perspective, AIMS with MICA International conference- 26th Dec 2016.
  • Ethnocentric tendencies and its Influence on Consumer Purchase Intent- International Conference of Technology and Business Management- CFD  and AIMS Dubai April 10th -12th 2017
  • Mapping the Effectiveness of Visual Merchandising on Consumer Purchase- Research Revolution- June 2017, Vol 5, Issue 9
  • Impact of Innovative pedagogy on learning of the Underprivileged Children- International Conference on “Business Excellence in Turbulent Times”- Institute for technology and Management & Quality Circle Forum of India, February 18th 2017
  • Dharavi case study- a journey through “Asia’s largest small-scale industry” and not a slum or wasteland- Institute of Management and Research & University of Mumbai- National Conference “Vishleshan”, 17th March 2018 ISSN: 2278-8808 Impact factor 6.177
  • Evaluation of Effectiveness of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) campaign on Social Media - International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation- Oct 2017-March 2018, Vol.11, Issue 1
  • Online shopping experience of Youth- an empirical study- International Conference, Amity University, 2018
  • Embedded Systems Programing in Private cloud – National Conference, DAV College, 2019
  • Study of consumer behavior towards residential property in Kharghar- International Conference, ITM Business School, 2019
  • In Service to Nation: Rotary Club Kharghar Midtown Vaccination Center case study, Transforming Rural Ecosystem Conclave 2021, ITM Business School (2021)

Scopus indexed publications: (published/in process)

  • Experiential & value driven ride in eco-friendly way: case of Yulu- Ilkogretim Online - Elementary Education Online, 2020; Vol 19 (Issue 3): pp. 2878-2882, doi: 10.17051/ilkonline.2020.03.735450 
  • A study of responsive cold chain that helps dairy brands earn the trust of their milk retailers- International Journal of Mechanical Engineering. Vol 6 (Special Issue. NovDec2021),ISSN:09745823,

Patent Research: (in process)

  • Social exclusion (SE) of the elderly in India and its implications for social policy

Books Published/In progress

  • Marketing Management: Published by Himalaya Publishing House (2021)

 Co-authored two chapters:

1. Introduction to Marketing

2. Building Customer satisfaction, Value and Retention

  • Concept to Market: Application of Design Thinking to 14 Sectors 

Articles Published

  • Indian Brands in the Marketing Warfare - Thakur institute of management studies and research
  • From Dusk To Dawn - The Corporate Social Responsibility- Mumbai University 
  • Making Managers the Zen Management Way - Meri
  • The Zen theory - Citizen
  • Indian brands in Marketing Warfare - Marketing @ knowledge Zone

1) Awards Received

  • Higher Education Forum: For Innovative teaching pedagogy 2018
  • Rotary Club district 3131- Best Presidential Citation award 2020
  • Best Global Teacher Award 2023- AKS Foundation

2) Membership Obtained 

  • Indian Economic Association
  • Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown 
  • Club Secretary 2016-17
  • Club Youth Director 2017-18
  • Club Service project director- 2018-19 & District 3131- Co- director for literacy projects
  • Club President 2019-2020
  • Club Youth Co- director 2020-2021 &District 3131- Director chair for plastic projects
  • Associate Assistant Governor District 3131 (year 2021)
  • Assistant Governor district 3131 (year 2022)
  • District Youth Development Co Chairman (2023)
  • Iskcon Temple: Life Member
  • Higher Education Forum (HEF)