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3rd IESMCRC HR Annual Conclave 2023

IES’s Management College and Research Centre(IESMCRC), one of the renowned colleges in the management field in Mumbai, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. On this auspicious occasion, IESMCRC organized its 3rd Annual HR Conclave on 09 September 2023 in MCA Club, BKC, Mumbai.

The theme of this event was "Transforming HR Landscape." The subtopics for the panel discussions were "Changing Roles of CHROs" and "The Future of AI in HR."

In the opening address Mr. Sameer Tamhane, Chairman, IESMCRC said that HR conclave is being organized to bring together HR experts from Industry who can share their knowledge with young HR Professionals. He said that IESMCRC has now completed 25 years and we are celebrating silver jubilee of the college. He further added that PGDM program has received Accreditation from NBA and has also got equivalence to MBA from AIU.

This event was attended by distinguished guests, including Ms. Dipali Chavan (Head HR, Credence Analytics), Mr. Manoj Kumar Chowdhary (Head HR, Edelweiss Mutual Fund), Mr. Rajesh Jain (CHRO, Welspun Enterprises Ltd.), Ms. Kalpana Bansal (Solution Head - Talent & AI, DarwinBox), Mr. N. Vasudevan (Founder, BluTech Talent Plus LLP), and Dr. Jagmohan Rishi (Global Head of L&D – Digital, Wockhardt).

Rajesh Jain said that the CHRO should work like a CEO, who can align their employees towards a common goal and ensure the fundamental tasks are well executed. Manoj Choudhary, while advancing the conversation, emphasized the importance of energy, how to harness an employee's energy, and maintain the mental well-being of employees working towards the organization's objectives. Mainly, these four aspects - decision-making, energy, experience, and productivity are crucial for a CHRO, as Ms. Dipali mentioned. She stated that embracing new technology and self-improvement are essential for a CHRO and their organization.

Regarding the future of AI in HR, N. Vasudevan said that chat bots are the first step in the field of AI technology. The reason for the failure of a company's digitalization lies in not knowing why it needs to be done, what results it desires, commitment, and not understanding its internal task list. On another hand he also mentioned that failure is the key to success. Understanding the core resources of your company is extremely important, as Ms. Kalpana indicated. She explained that interviews are possible through chatbots, complaints are being resolved, but there is no answer to applied and performance data. AI is a hard and responsible job.

According to Jagmohan Rishi, digitalization is a testing ground where something new is happening every day. You will always have to keep learning. He mentions the failure in 2014, when Learning Management Systems (LMS) were introduced, and people laughed at them. However, when COVID arrived, the same LMS became a blessing for his company and has now evolved into a Business Management System (BMS).

The event concluded with the HR Excellence Awards. The 3rd HR Conclave was successfully held under the guidance of Shree Satish Lotlikar, Trustee, Dr. Vijay Bhangale, Director, Dr Neeraj Dixit, Professor Sushma Karwa and Mr. Sanket Salvi.