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IES MCRC Revolutionises Financial Education with State-of-the-Art Bloomberg Lab

IES's Management College and Research Centre (MCRC) has marked a significant milestone by establishing a cutting-edge Bloomberg Lab at its Bandra Campus. This move positions IES MCRC among the select few educational institutions in Mumbai that can harness the power of Bloomberg Terminals.

The Bloomberg Terminal, renowned for its real-time and historical data, market-moving news, and analytical tools, serves as an invaluable resource for leading business and financial professionals globally, aiding them in making informed investment decisions. Moreover, this platform offers trading solutions for various asset classes, research capabilities, and a secure global communication network. The Bloomberg Lab at IES MCRC is a resource designed to benefit both students and faculty members, allowing them to gain familiarity with the tools and systems widely employed in the financial services industry.

The inauguration of this state-of-the-art Bloomberg Lab was an esteemed event, attended by notable figures in the financial world. Smt. Deena Mehta, Founder and Director of Asit C. Mehta Financial Intermediates Ltd., graced the occasion with her presence. She was joined by Mr. Sagar Sule, President of IES; Mr. Sameer Tamhane, Chairman of IES MCRC; Mr. Vijay Bhangale, Director of IES MCRC; and Mr. Vinay Gupta, Regional Business Head, South Asia at Bloomberg. The event also saw the participation of faculty, staff, and enthusiastic students.

Mr. Sameer Tamhane, Chairman of IES MCRC, emphasized the institution's unwavering commitment to providing its students, faculty, and the broader community with access to cutting-edge resources. These resources, he noted, are essential for thriving in the rapidly evolving landscape of the financial world. The establishment of the Bloomberg Lab is a testament to this dedication.

Mr. Rajiv Mirwani, Head of Bloomberg, South Asia said “We are pleased to  provide IES MCRC the same Bloomberg services used by the world’s leading business and financial professionals. With the training and coursework offered by the Bloomberg Lab, we hope to advance the careers of your students, to build the next generation of financial professionals.”

At IES's Management College and Research Centre (MCRC), our foremost aim is to provide students with an immersive experience that mirrors the dynamics of a genuine financial organisation. We believe in preparing our students not just with theoretical knowledge but by immersing them in an environment as close to real-world finance as possible.

The Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab serves as the cornerstone of this commitment, offering our students hands-on experience across a wide spectrum of financial, economic, and accounting activities. This includes in-depth exposure to portfolio management, risk assessment and management, derivatives markets, currency trading, financial engineering, and corporate finance. By providing access to the Bloomberg Terminal, we empower our students to engage in real financial activities, thus preparing them for success in the dynamic financial landscape.

The Lab's rolling news channels play a pivotal role in enhancing students' understanding of how significant global developments have immediate and far-reaching impacts on the global economy. This real-time insight equips our students with the skills to analyse, adapt, and make informed decisions in response to ever-evolving economic landscapes.

Our commitment extends beyond the acquisition of knowledge. We are dedicated to cultivating analytical and decision-making skills, equipping our students with the tools to excel in complex financial scenarios. We strongly believe in fostering personal and professional development, ensuring that our graduates are not only academically proficient but also well-rounded individuals who can adapt to the ever-changing financial world.

At IES MCRC, we are more than an educational institution. We are a launchpad for the future leaders of finance, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and experience to thrive in the demanding and dynamic world of finance.