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IES MCRC's 14th International Research Conference

The 14th International Research Conference, themed "Thriving Through Sustainability," convened on February 22nd & 23rd, 2024. It aimed to explore innovative approaches to sustainable business practices leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, ChatGPT, and Generative AI.

The 14th International Research Conference hosted “103” research papers covering business, sustainability, and emerging tech. Authors across the globe sent around “150+” abstracts covering the theme of the conference. Scholars presented insightful findings, reflecting global academic dedication. Their contributions enriched intellectual discourse, showcasing scholarly excellence and collaboration.

Selected papers from the conference will be considered for publication in “18” prestigious journals, including the Journal of Statistics and Management Systems, Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, and Tourism & Hospitality Management. These journals span various disciplines, offering a wide platform for disseminating research findings.

Mr. Salil Pitale, Interim MD & CEO of Axis Capital, delivered the keynote speech, setting the tone for discussions on integrating sustainability with technological advancements in business practices. The same was followed by an address by the Guest of Honour, Dr. Arshi Naim, Associate Professor, King Khalid University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Online). She spoke of the recent advancement in the academia and sustainability research framework. Sinisa Bogdan, Associate Professor, Vice Dean for International Affairs, University of Rejika-(Online) spoke on the conference theme and the growing importance of collaborative research on the topic. Dr. Nishu Ayedee, Founder and C.M.O, Confab 360 Degree had to rush back for another meeting so could not address the participants while Prof. Anuj Kumar from Apeejay School of Management and member of editorial board shared the inputs on the publication process and handholding and support provided by the conference organisers for research participants.