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Power Brand Award 2021 for IES MCRC

IES's Management College and Research Centre, Mumbai - the pioneering MBA institute in Pharmaceutical Management program has added one more jewel in the crown as they received the coveted the MOST VALUABLE INSTITUTE IN PHARMACEUTICAL MANAGEMENT AWARD 2021. Considered as Oscars of the Indian Healthcare Awards, the award was bestowed by Pharma Leaders - a Network 7 Media Group, Mumbai, at a glittering 14th Annual Pharma Leaders Summit and Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards 2021 ceremony on Friday 27th August 2021 held at Mumbai's Hotel Sahara Star.

For more than 2 decades, IES MCRC has been consistently setting high standards in the field of Pharmaceutical Management Education in the PGDM - Pharmaceutical Management program, to meet the industry's long-felt needs. The recognition and honour comes to IES MCRC due to its unstinted commitment to Healthcare Innovation through Quality Education, Student Empowerment and High societal impact.

IES MCRC rededicates itself to work zealously on "Creating Leaders for Sustainable Development".