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Pratyush 24 featuring HR Club, "HR Matrix, Experiential Learning Contest" - E.L.C-STAR Method 17th Feb 24

HR club conducted 1 inter-collegiate event on February 17th, 2024 under Pratyush '24, with 11 registered participants with 3 winners from Sasmira Institute respectively, on 17th Feb'24 titled, 'Experiential Learning Contest'; using Behavioural Event Interview - Interviewing technique.

PGDM students who explained how to take the STAR Method on 17th Feb' 24 with the 1st prize winner, Suchita Kishan Patharla, Sasmira Institute, Mumbai
Intercollegiate students at Pratyush'24 with HR Club students on 17th Feb, '24 interviewing using STAR Technique