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Inauguration of IES’s Innovation and Incubation Centre on Saturday 27th April 2024 by Padmabhushan Prof. J.B.Joshi

The country is aggressively trying to bring all the required socio-economic changes through policies to become the largest progressive economy by 2047. It is ‘the requirement’ of the time since these are the years where India can take advantage of being ‘the largest populous’ country of the world and gear up to reap the dividend, not letting it to become ‘a problem’. It is in real sense ‘The Amrit Kaal’. Policies are indications of the path the Government wants the country to take. Individuals, families and institutions are expected to adopt the path, find out gaps hindering the progress and take corrective actions. So ‘The Amrit Kaal’ is also ‘The Kartavya Kaal’. Education is the ‘fundamental service’ expected to ‘nurture’ future generations. Unless we bring the right kind of changes, the country will not become ‘progressive’ in a real sense. Understanding the requirement IES, through its management institute IES’s Management College and Research Centre (IESMCRC), started a number of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship related activities with students of IES’s school as well as college students. These activities created around 20 innovative projects of school, architecture as well as PG students. To take these activities on a much higher level, IES built an incubation centre and a well-equipped Fab Lab at its Bandra West campus with the name, ‘IES’s Innovation & Incubation Centre’. The centre is expected to become a hub for fostering creativity, entrepreneurship and problem-solving skills among students and faculty members. The centre provides a vibrant and dynamic environment where ideas are nurtured, refined and transformed into tangible solutions that address real-world challenges by offering resources such as mentorship, funding opportunities and access to cutting-edge technologies.

The centre was inaugurated on Saturday 27th April 2024 at the hands of Padmabhushan Prof. J.B. Joshi, who himself is a multifaceted person having huge contribution in providing scientific solutions to country’s problems.

The inauguration ceremony was hosted at IES’SMCRC. In his inaugural address, Prof. Joshi stated that lack of creativity and innovation is the main hindrance in India’s developmental path. One’s innovation will be the roadmap of better future for oneself and for the country. He also mentioned that innovation is nurtured only by ‘happy minds’ so one should be happy and proud of one’s idea and innovation. Post the inaugural address he and IES trustees inaugurated the incubation centre located on the ground floor of the same campus by opening the ribbon. Faculty members of IES’s College of Architecture took him for the fab-lab tour. From the fab lab he entered the incubation centre where students of IES’s MCRC, College of Architecture as well as Orion and MVM schools students presented their innovative projects. He patiently listened to their presentations, appreciated those and gave fruitful suggestions too. He offered to help these students and all other innovative projects created under IES banner. His offer certainly opened a door to many more learning opportunities for students and faculty members.