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Fundamentals Of Choosing The Right Management College

IES Admin
February 17, 2021

Considering the growing demand for management graduates in the job market, pursuing a PGDM/MBA degree has become one of the most lucrative career options. This recent surge in demand for business education has given rise to the increase in the number of business schools across India. Once you decide to take up management as a career, the tough part begins with choosing the right management college. Choosing the right college will not only puts you on the right career path but also helps to shape up an individual’s personality which may lead to a successful career ahead.

How to choose the right management college?

A good college always paves the way for a great career ahead and moulds an individual as per their future goals. There are more than 3000 management institutes in India which makes it confusing for the management aspirants to find the right college. If you are planning to pursue management courses in Mumbai, then you will have thousands of options to choose from.  The following fundamentals will guide you to choose the appropriate B-school in Mumbai or anywhere in India to stay ahead in the competition:


Out of 3000+ management colleges in our country, just over 1000 B-schools are accredited. It assures the quality education and scholarship opportunities offered by the institute. The reputed companies always prefer candidates from an accredited management college. So, it is always important to check if the institute is accredited or not.

Profile of faculty:

The quality of education provided by an institute solely depends on the calibre of its faculty. It is only the faculty that prepares its students to face real-life business challenges. You may visit the websiteof your chosen college to get information about its faculty and their work experience. The faculty of the college imparts theoretical knowledge to the students and necessary exposure to the practical way of working.

AIU approval:

PGDM equivalent to MBA requires AIU accreditation. AIU (The association of Indian Universities) has no role to play with your PGDM program, but if you seek to pursue PhD program or applying for the Govt. services, considering AIU approved colleges will be of great help. The best private management colleges in Mumbai like IES Management College and Research Centre provides industry-oriented PGDM program, approved by AICTE and accredited by NBA, and MBA equivalence by AIU.

Placements and alumni:

This is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to finding the right business school for management education. But it should not be the only criteria for selecting the right school. Check which companies have visited in past along with the number of placements. One may discuss the same with the alumni to get the real figure. The best PGDM colleges offering management courses in Mumbai have a dedicated placement cell for placements.

International/industrial exposure:

Today, businesses have become global and international exposure is the key to success in the current economy. The best colleges offer industrial training to the students which give them a better understanding of the marketplace. The premier B-schools have industrial recognition and they build international networks to offer students exchange programs in foreign institutes.

Curriculum and pedagogy:

One of the key strengths of a management college is flexibility in its teaching pedagogy. The curriculum followed at the best private management colleges in Mumbai is as per global standards. Before finalizing an institute, it is important to check whether the teaching pedagogy combines case studies, lecture cum discussions, role-plays, field visits, etc., or not.

Other important factors to consider include campus life, infrastructure, scholarships and more. It is better to check all these points before admissions.

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