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Here is Why the World Should Pay Attention to the Bali G20 Summit

Saurabh Paradkar
November 17, 2022

A conglomeration of powerful nations, comprising about two-thirds of the world’s population, 85 percent of the global output, and 75 percent of world trade. The G20 Summit is one of the most pivotal events to take place on a geopolitical basis. However, 2022 is different from other years, both from a national standpoint as well as a global one. Why? Find out why the world should pay attention to the G20 Summit, 2022, below. 

Why is 2022 Different from Other Years?

As one can fathom, this is the first G20 Summit ever since the geopolitical debacle between Russia and Ukraine began. Moreover, it is also the second time since the President of China is travelling to G20, especially since the COVID pandemic. These are important global events to bear in mind. 

For India, the case is more important. It is India’s turn to host the Summit next. The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, will receive a handover from Mr Joko Widodo. After this, India will be assuming the Presidency on and from December 1. From a national standpoint, this is pivotal. What is India proposing for this G20 Summit? Keep reading. 

What is India’s take on the 2022 G20 Summit? 

The motto for the 2022 G20 Summit is “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”. India will be hosting the Summit next, and the country’s agendas for sustenance are rock-solid. PM Modi has rightfully shown how global supply chains are in shambles. “There is a crisis on essential goods, and at the same time, there is a shrinkage on the amounts of resources”, he said. 

“The challenge for the poor citizens of every country is more severe”, as the Prime Minister has claimed. He has further gone on record, and has said, “We should also not hesitate to acknowledge that multilateral institutions such as the UN have been unsuccessful on these issues. And we have all failed to make suitable reforms to them. Therefore, today the world has greater expectations from the G-20, and the relevance of our group has become more significant."

It is, therefore, obvious, that using renewable sources of energy and alleviation prevalent poverty is one of the most pivotal messages of the G20 Summit. In other ventures, India has made energy security, digital transformation, and health as their primary areas of improvement. There will be meetings on more topics, including the state of the world economy, issues pertaining to energy, environment, agriculture, health, and digital transformation.

The Greatest Significance—World Peace 

Finally, the Prime Minister has called for a ceasefire in Ukraine. He has urged the Russian Government to withdraw its military presence from the war-torn country that is practically in shambles. He has mentioned how COVID has been such a demolishing entity for all countries, and starting a war in a post-COVID world would only make things worse. 

He also mentioned to all the attending nations (all the usual attendees barring Brazil, Mexico, and Russia) that collective peace should be the ultimate resolve for humanity. 

“I am confident that next year when the G20 meets in the holy land of Buddha and Gandhi, we will all agree to convey a strong message of peace to the world,” he added.

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