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IES MCRC’s PGDM Program - Post Grad Course with Highest Returns on Investment

Saurabh Paradkar
October 10, 2022

Humans as we are, we seek certainty. Be it in life or its intricate moments, a sense of certainty is all we need to walk ahead in life. Your post grad course is no different. Considering the fact that it is a speciality course, you ideally should not enter it if the certainties don’t look healthy. 

This is where IES MCRC’s PGDM program makes you feel at ease. Not only does it have a great selection or placement ratio, but the course fees are rather affordable too. Considering how difficult the PGDM admission events can be, IES MCRC proves to be a sigh of relief. 

Fees and Payment Structure

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. A lot of time students refrain from enrolling in PGDM course is because of the exorbitant fees involved. The case isn’t so with IEC MCRC’s PGDM program. Have a look for yourself:

As you can see, the PGDM course fees for 1st year is about INR 4,50,000 with a refundable deposit of about INR 10,000. The 2nd year fee turns out to be the same, and the Alumni association fee stands to be about INR 2,000. With this, you can be a worthy member of IES MCRC’s Alumni. Once your placement is all set and you’re making a living, you can come back and share your story. Which reminds us—the placements!

Placements and Salary

Here is where you reap the fruits of effort that you sow. The placement ratio post-PGDM degree is rather healthy. While the average salary is a decent 6.5LPA, the highest salary has gone up to a record 10LPA!

The number of companies who have entered the campus to offer placements were an astonishing 218. Among 241 students last year, 235 were recruited—making it an astronomical 97% on the whole. 

If we look into specifics, finance and PGDM marketing departments had a 96% hiring rate, whereas branches like operations, BA, Pharma, and HR had 100% selection rates! When we mentioned certainty of outcome, we meant it. 

Here is a rough understanding of the average salaries along with the highest-paid recruitments. Along with it, you can get a fair idea of the fee discrepancies amongst various departments. That being said, you can see how healthy the graph looks like. Fret not, this is indeed a stepping stone to success. 

Final Words - Is the Return on Investment Healthy? 

The most pertinent question thus arises—is the ROI worth it? The short answer is yes. The long answer—once you look into the fact that PGDM degree courses have the highest return on investment, you would want to enrol right away. The PGDM admission process can be arduous, and the course itself can make you work long hours. But once you are on the other side, you have a sure shot  to success!

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