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Looking forward to Having the Most Productive Day Ever? Here are 6 Things You Need to Do

Shubham Singh
August 24, 2022

Getting into our PGDM course is just a start, the road gets a lot bumpier with time. In order to ensure that your PGDM programme is smooth in the long-term, it becomes important for you to boost productivity by the day. How do you do that? Here is all you need to know. 

Start the Day Early to Seize it

Carpe diem, as they say, starts only when you start the day early. The moment you hit that alarm and wake up before everyone else, you give yourself a head start that is bound to propel your productivity rates further. 

The best PGDM colleges in India have one thing in common—early hours of class. This is done only to ensure that your productivity is boosted during the early hours of the day itself. Once you start waking up before the sun rises, you’re bound to shine just as bright. 

Plan Before You Wake Up

This is primarily followed by the famous, rich and esoteric few. What you can do is write down a few things that you plan on finishing the next morning. If possible, note it the previous evening, or perhaps at night before going to bed. 

This makes two things easy. First, you know what you are about to target the next day, so you can also perform realistic tasks to reach realistic goals. Second, your brain wires itself to think that you need to wake up at such-and-such a time—sounds great for a natural alarm clock!

Say No to the Phone

Once you enter PGDM institutes in India, you will notice one thing in common—the use of the phone is forbidden unless it aids productivity. Don’t worry, we don’t mean that you’ll turn into zombies! What we’re implying is that you should strive to avoid using your phone during early hours of the day, as well as at night when you’re planning out tomorrow’s routine. 

A Little Coffee Does no Harm 

While this sounds like supplementation, a little coffee aids in slight boosting of productivity. Basically, once you add some caffeine into your system, you’re bound to face a bit of a rush. Unless you have clinical conditions of the heart, you can try a tinge of coffee early in the morning.

Now, there is another aspect of coffee and productivity. You guessed it right—networking. The best PGDM colleges often require you to make the most elaborate networks. These colleges also happen to have great coffee. Sounds like a pretty good deal right? 

The Worst, now!

As they say, eating the frog means that the most distressing bit of work is done. Much like this, you should strive to eat the frog first thing in the morning. When it comes to the best PGDM college, you will be provided with daunting tasks all throughout the day. 

Now, what you can do is sort out and compartmentalise your work throughout the day. From here on, try to finish the most arduous of them all up front. This will not only leave space for the easier tasks for the rest of the day, but also keep your mood uplifted as the banalities of difficult tasks are 0ver by the team you eat the frog. 

Nothing Better than the Fit Body

Finally, we kept the best for the last. Is there anything that exercise and diet can’t solve? The best minds are usually nourished by the best bodies, and the case is no different here. Not only should you get 8hours of sleep, but also ensure that you treat your body right, in order to get the best results. 

To conclude, remember that changes don’t happen overnight. Once you get the taste of a slight boost in productivity, you will only want more. This will cause you to work harder and strive for more efficiency. All it takes is a little push!

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