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New Experience - Online College

Shewta Hemnani
October 21, 2021

The generation in present is creating the future by experiencing all cons and pros in life. We as students had kick start through our masters, which will be last experience to get ourselves into college education by our own choice. Eliminating all the Rush, chaos, anxiety my first interview for IES was on Zoom. I wore a black blazer with white shirt and a pajama. Uninvited technical glitch was faced, but the panel was so helpful they were all smiles which made me smile throughout. In my own way I was successful to impress them and there it was a moment which changed my Dream into reality of getting into one of the Best B-School of Mumbai.

But COVID had different plans to hit my college life to HomCol – (Home+College) life. Journey of my college life started from 10th august 2020. First day of college was attended via. MS Teams. It was a different feeling altogether, different faces, and different people, with lots of anxiety. Amazement was faced throughout and that excitement to make new friends was on hike. Digitally Ice Breaking Session was a hit which made my anxiety a little calm and I realized here I go….!

Who knew this was going to change our lives and we will be connecting with our teachers, classmates through online platform. Well, word ‘NEW’ was used as a prefix to almost everything, even to the word ‘NORMAL’. Waking up every day to get ready to sit near camera for lectures was no less felling than going to a film shoot.

New Experience – Online College As time passed by with new learnings, we got comfortable. But as more time passed by, que of pending assignments and lined up presentations were added to the pressure which was going to get me to my dream. Well eye straining was the uninvited problem which caused irritation sometimes but a saying “Jab tak Jeevan hai, tab tak Sangharsh Hai” kept me going.

Life comes with terms and condition which are known to us as time passes by. This was the part and parcel which we had to accept and move step by step in our lives to get better day by day at making our careers. “Am I audible class?, Ma’am is my screen visible?, Your voice is Cracking.”etc etc are the slangs which we used almost for every lecture and sometimes it made me roll my eyes out of frustration, but it’s just the beginning and we have so much to learn to get our hands on and so much to explore.

Learning while networking is something I am grateful for because at least we are not stuck, we humans have found of the ways to keep going. We should keep going, no matter what. Just like that Keep going, you will meet your destiny fulfilled with your dreams. There are instances which fuel your memories keep growing, keep filling it with happy moments. Until then Bbye.

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