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Skills that Make You Right Fit for MBA

Saurabh Paradkar
September 28, 2022

In this day and age of the ever-competitive MBA market, you have to develop skills that will make you stand out. In order to make yourself more employable, you will need to assess whether you are the right fit. What are those? Before you step into the best college for MBA, here are some skills that you must wear.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

In the world of MBA, might may be the knight, but critical thinking is king. Thinking out of the box is the primary and most important metric to survive in the best MBA schools. Critical thinking not only involves having a propensity for innovative ideas, but also impeccable skills of analysis. 

The best MBA programs will put you through a lot of vigorous real-world scenarios wherein solving problems and finding solutions is your only way out. Critical thinking needs a massive supplement too—decision making. 

Decision Making

What use is analyzing the distance if you can’t make the decision to make the jump? MBA colleges won’t just gauge your marks or how much you can reproduce on paper, but they’ll assess your real-world skills of decision-making. 

Your program will put you through industry training. You will be made aware of various industries and how they function. Where does decision-making come into play here? When it comes to making calls regarding product pipelines, or when marketing strategies are made and require the final approval, your skills will be truly tested. 


Perhaps the most important skill you need on a lower or junior level is adaptability. In a business environment, not being able to adapt will lead to a colossal downfall. Think about all the big brands and how they have adapted to modern-day trends. 

Be it social media trends, or business tactics, being able to adapt is indeed an important criterion to make yourself more marketable than your peers. The pandemic has been a startling example of how significant adaptability was. 


The top MBA programs demand you to brush up on your communication skills. As you might have guessed, being able to communicate to your peers, seniors or juniors would form a big part of your work life. The greater the industry, the more the moving parts. This is why communication becomes important to ensure that the wheel is properly functioning. 

Communication doesn’t end there, though. Leadership skills are a must if you want to climb the MBA ladder and make an impact. What is the one skill that makes you a good leader who is heard? Communication. What are the other skills that prove your worth as a leader? All the other aforementioned ones. 

To Conclude

These skill sets would form the foundation of your moulding into the right MBA candidate. Other than that, you will also have to brush up on your education and holistic knowledge of your line of work. Constantly reading and making yourself aware of modern business models and ideas is something that you should always practice. Being the ideal MBA candidate requires you to understand that you are in a marathon, not a sprint. 

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