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Take Your Management Skills to the Next Level - Why IES MCRC’s PDGM Program is Your Best Bet

Shubham Singh
July 13, 2022

In this era where the line between saturating and upcoming industries is becoming thinner by the day, upping the ante is the need of the hour. While learning the art of management itself is no less than sessions of constant brainstorming to seek solutions, one needs the best resources to take one’s management skills to the next level. 

This is where IES MCRC comes into the limelight. With its PGDM program, you are bound to achieve the professional growth. It helps to climb the managerial ladder with ease. Here is all you need to know about the various specializations that are offered in IES MCRC’s PGDM program that are suitable to your background, skills and aspirations!!  IES MCRC offers PGDM in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship !!


Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) as an MBA-equivalent, PGDM in India is one of the most prestigious tags that one can have. Not only that, but the exposure to real-world scenarios is exceptional for those who are undergoing the best PGDM program in India from recognized institutes—like  IES MCRC.

Case Studies

The top PGDM colleges in India expose the candidates to global and Indian companies, which provide ample opportunities to tackle or analyze real-world problems. This prepares the candidates for handling the challenges of the corporate world and uncertain situations. 

Group Projects 

Group projects are a sure-shot way for the candidate to work in environments that they would in the grander scheme of things. The top PGDM colleges ensure that the candidate gets enough accompaniment from top minds in order to tackle group projects—and IES MCRC is the epitome of it. 

Role Play

These group projects also involve a significant amount of role plays. This would ensure that the candidate gets enough real-world scenarios before even stepping into the hard world of marketing. PGDM at IES MCRC ensures that the candidates are ready for all challenges across all positions.

Industrial Visits

In order to understand the crux of the preferred industry, visits are a quintessential thing. This way, IES MCRC ensures that the candidate is equipped with all the tools necessary and with all the industrial exposure that is needed. 

How is the Program Designed?

The PGDM course is divided into six terms spread across two years. On completing the first year (3 terms), the student will undergo a compulsory summer internship, which spans across 6-8 weeks. The first 2/3 terms require the student to study all the compulsory courses. 

After this, the student has to complete two Compulsory Courses, Technical Report Writing, hands on training on Business Simulation and one elective course to be selected from specializations of his/her choice - 

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Operations
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Business Analytics

The 4th and 5th terms require specialization courses giving them a deep understanding of the domain, and the 6th term consists of management project.


What Can One Expect After?

PGDM degree makes the candidate capable of the following:

  • Applying management theories into practice. 
  • Developing a critical and decision-making mindset. 
  • Understanding how group projects work and how to function in a team.
  • Combining real-world skills into real use-case industry scenarios. 
  • Guaranteeing professional and personal growth. 

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