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Everything You Need to Know About IES MCRC Placements of Batch 2020-22

Urjaa Kapasi
May 23, 2022

IES Management College is one of the top rated b-schools in Mumbai. It was ranked 7th best b-school in Mumbai by MBAUniverse and 8th by The Week. And the same ranking reflects in their placements as well. Recently placement season for the batch 2020-22 concluded and as always IES MCRC received placement offers from various renowned and top companies. 

As per the latest figures a total of 216 companies visited the campus of IES MCRC to place the students from various streams. This is a by-product of the variety of specializations  IES Management College has to offer, the quality education it provides, and the capability of the students of the college. As per the placement report of 2020-22, out of 241 students, 218 students were placed which takes the overall placement ratio to 90%. Few students from the batch already had jobs from their previous employers in hand and few wanted to join their family business so they opted out of placements. 90% placements of IES MCRC from the overall batch is still an outstanding figure considering our economy is still recovering from the pandemic and the overall job market of 2022 is affected due to multiple global factors like Russia - Ukraine war, inflation etc.

The overall average salary of the IES MCRC students received this year is 6.2 LPA, highest being 10 LPA. This is an improved performance over last year, despite the  prevalent economic uncertainty. 

The percentage of students placed after completing IES PGDM in Marketing is 90%. Even Finance stream got 90% placements. The percentage placed in HR, Operations, and BA is 100% each. PGDM Pharma which is IES MCRC’s unique offering also received100% placements. These figures prove IES MCRC’s commitment towards turning each of their student into business ready post graduates.

Talking about the salary of the IES’s Management College students, the highest paid specialization is Marketing with the average salary being 6.7 LPA and the highest salary being 10 LPA. The average salary in Finance is reported to be 6.3 LPA, which goes up to 8 LPA. HR students of IES MCRC have an average salary of 5.6 LPA and the highest is 8.75 LPA. The average salary in Operations is 6.1 LPA and the highest salary is reported to be 9 LPA. BA students have an average salary of 6.2 LPA with the highest salary being 6.5 LPA. Students that have completed an IES PGDM in Pharma received an average salary of 5 LPA while the highest goes up to 6.5 LPA.

Considering the overall job market, the above statistics provide an excellent overview of quality of education, holistic development of students and placements provided at IES’s Management College


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