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Full-Time PGDM/MBA or Part-Time MBA: Which One is Right for You?

Urjaa Kapasi
April 27, 2022

Candidates pursuing a PGDM course usually struggle while making a choice between full-time and part-time PGDM/MBA. These two have certain common features but are different in most of the aspects. Hence one needs to consider all the pros and cons of both the programs before taking any decision.

Admission Prerequisites:

Part-time MBA is suitable for those people who have an adequate work experience. This means candidates who have worked professionally for about 10-15 years should go for a part-time PGDM/MBA. In case of a part-time MBA program, the common entrance exam scores may not be needed. Although candidates might have to appear for the in-house exams conducted by the particular college. When it comes to the PGDM colleges in Mumbai that offer a full-time program, scores of the entrance exams like CAT, MHCET are taken into consideration while selecting the students. Admission for full-time PGDM/MBA in one of the top b-schools in Mumbai does require a few years of work experience. For part-time MBA, the institutes check whether the candidate has support, financially or otherwise, from their employer to pursue the PGDM course. The candidate will have to maintain a balance between studies and work. Also, in the admission of full-time as well as part-time courses at the best college for MBA, at least one letter of recommendation will be required.

Duration, Pace and Curriculum:

The duration of part-time PGDM/MBA at the PGDM colleges in Mumbai is comparatively small than the full-time course and the cost is high. This is for the working professionals as they cannot devote hundred percent of their time and energy on the study. In order to help them complete their study, various b-schools in Mumbai conduct weekend lectures, evening classes and also make use of the holidays. Talking about pace, part-time students take part in the lectures more intensively as they attend in intervals and want to divert their mind from their office work. Full-time students of the PGDM course do not get time for doing a job along with the program as they have a very tight schedule. The curriculum of both the programs is same, but part-time students have a limited choice in terms of classes and subjects. Whereas the full-time students have a wider range of specializations to choose from.

Fees and Return on Investment:

Candidates pursuing part-time PGDM/MBA do get a predetermined salary from their existing company. Due to this, it is now seen that employees are self-funding their post-graduate studies. However, certain companies sponsor the studies of their employees. Also, many PGDM colleges in Mumbai are providing scholarships to the deserving candidates. On the other hand, students doing a full-time program are completely self-funded. There are various scholarships offered to the students by the b-schools themselves. Receiving a scholarship from the best college for MBA is a dream come true for any full-time student. Part-time candidates do get a salary hike after completing the program whereas the full-time candidates receive a great starting package.

Lifestyle and Networking

In a full-time PGDM/MBA program, students either live on or near their campus. This encourages them to participate in various extracurricular activities and expand their network. Networking is an important key for both the programs. However, part-time students pursuing the PGDM course need to develop a strong network using their own interpersonal skills. Many b-schools in Mumbai do organize sessions wherein the students can interact with the alumni. It is a natural human tendency of bonding with individuals that have the same taste or habit. The part-time students aim at enhancing their existing knowledge whereas the full-time ones are at an earlier stage of their career and hence aim at an all-round development. There is no doubt that studying at the best college for MBA will help you build a stronger network and eventually affect your lifestyle.

You need to take all these aspects into consideration before making a choice between full-time and part-time MBA. Do keep in mind that the institute you choose also plays a crucial role in shaping your future. Hence pursuing the course from one of the top b-schools in Mumbai is recommended.

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