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How Management Students Can Bring in the Change to Tackle the Climate Change Crisis?

Saurabh Paradkar
September 3, 2022

There is no doubt regarding the negative impact of climate change on today’s generation. The world is in dire need of management, people who can take charge and strive to make solid changes. The question thus stands—how can management students bring change to tackle the climate change crisis?

Being Vocal Gets You Heard

When you get into courses such as PGDM in pharma management, you will have to step up and be vocal. How does it come into play when it comes to the climate change crisis? Simple—policies are, more often than not, decided on a vocal basis. 

If you are in one of the better colleges,  you will get a valid platform to make yourself heard. Be it through local groups or properly managed projects, you will get enough room to make sure that your opinions are heard. 

For instance, as a PGDM in pharma management student, you can make the layperson aware of the environmental hazards of improper disposal of pharmaceutical items. If you are vocal, you will be heard. If you are heard, you will make people aware. If people are aware, they will do their part for the environment. 

The said management course puts you under the scanner. You become compelled to work on your communication skills, which will, in the process, make sure you are equipped for bigger challenges. 

Understanding Industry Readiness

A PGDM in pharma management does not come on its own. You are exposed to innumerable industries, after which you develop enough exposure to know whether an industry is ready to manufacture its respective items. 

With the general paradigm shifting towards greater sustainability, it is important for modern industries to be eco-friendly. With your industry-readiness and in-depth knowledge of the same, you can now easily determine whether the said industry is doing things correctly. 

Once you have crossed that stage, you can use critical knowledge to implement changes too. In this field, there is a perfect concoction of both in-field knowledge as well as higher concepts—all equipping you to be the perfect candidate to lead the modern world!

Solution-Oriented Mindset

A PGDM in pharma management  means that you have undergone the rigorous training that is required to understand the niches of the industry. As an avid protector of the environment, you have now developed the mindset that is required to bring about change. 

For instance, the management colleges make sure that you are aware of modern-day concerns regarding improper packaging of pharmaceutical items. You can now use your cogitation to strive for more sustainable packaging. 

PGDM in pharma Management puts you in the zone wherein you start integrating all aspects of pharmaceutical management. After having dealt with the packaging issue, you notice some industry errors leading to greater environmental damage, as is the case with improper disposal of excess Co2. 

Even if you don’t know the science behind it, you can reach out to respective departments to look into the matter—this is what can be expected when critical thinking meets expert communication skills!

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