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IES MCRC PGDM Degree is Equivalent to MBA Degree

Shubham Singh
July 27, 2022

In order to understand your true potential, it is imperative that you are pushed to your limits. But talent without direction is pointless too. The best course of action here? Being guided by experts and veterans when it comes to career-building, especially when it comes to the always-on-demand managerial markets. 

With the IEC MCRC’s PGDM (marketing specialization) program, you will be provided a clear sense of direction. An opportunity to shine brighter than the MBA equivalent counterparts. There is no doubt about the fact that, when it comes to semantics—a PGDM degree is equivalent to MBA. When it comes to pragmatics? It is even better. 

Why Consider PGDM at IES MCRC?

If you ardently rely on rankings and approvals, you should be aware that the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has regarded the IES MCRC’s PGDM program as an equivalent to MBA. Not many institutes today can claim this distinction. For obvious reasons, this adds immense as MBA-equivalent exposure at IES MCRC provides a definite competitive edge as compared to your peers.


The reasons for this equivalence are many. The exposure that you get in PGDM institutes in India is immaculate. Not only that, but the real-world applications are provided to you with great clarity—the exact guidance we were talking about. 

Case Studies and Group Projects: MBA Equivalent 

The most realistic exposure is provided through machineries such as group projects and case studies. The well-designed PGDM programs expose the student to case studies that require great analysis of real-world problems. This would make them prepared for any situation that they are faced with. 

In order to face those tricky yet perilous situations, the requirement of teams becomes the need of the hour. The top PGDM colleges make sure that you are equipped with the best teams consisting of like-minded, ambitious folks.

Industrial Visits and Roleplaying

The real test starts when you are provided real-world problems. Much like MBA degrees, the PGDM with Marketing Specialization takes you across several industries that you might end up in. This prepares you for challenges long before they come into existence. 

In order to best play your part, roleplaying becomes important. Once you are thrown into a predicament that you might eventually face, you end up thinking like the person in the respective field. This way, IES MCRC ensures that you become well-suited for the future roles that. 

Is the program the same as that of MBA?

The PGDM programme makes sure that you undergo all the sharpening that is required of you. In their six terms, you will be gaining knowledge regarding:

  • Finance
  • Marketing HR
  • Operations
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Business Simulation

Out of these, 2 are compulsory and one elective—from your 3rd term onwards. In your 4th and 5th terms you will be educated on general management courses, whereas the 6th would consist of real-world exposure projects. 

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