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The Function of Internships in IES MCRC's PGDM Program

Saurabh Paradkar
October 13, 2023

At the Bandra, Mumbai-based IES Management College and Research Centre (IES MCRC), internships are a crucial component of the PGDM program. They give students a special chance to connect the dots between what they learn in the classroom and how businesses actually operate in the real world. In this blog article, we'll examine the significant impact internships have on your PGDM experience at IES MCRC and how they can help you launch a lucrative career.

Putting Classroom Learning Into Practice

One of the main advantages of internships at IES MCRC is the opportunity to put classroom information to use in real-world business situations. Your PGDM education will be more meaningful as a result of these practical experiences because they will help you understand concepts and theories better.

If you're studying marketing, for instance, an internship with a reputable company can help you put marketing tactics into practice, analyse market trends, and comprehend consumer behaviour in real-time.

Skill Development

A platform for honing and developing critical talents that are highly appreciated in the business sector is provided by internships. You can develop your teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, communication, and other abilities through real-world experiences while pursuing your PGDM at IES MCRC.

Your professional success depends on your ability to manage projects effectively, adapt to various working cultures, and fulfil deadlines.

Possibilities for Networking

Strong industrial links at IES MCRC offer students fantastic networking possibilities during internships. Interacting with professionals, subject matter experts, and alumni will provide you the ability to get advice and maybe open doors to work prospects in the future.

During your PGDM journey, developing a strong professional network can be a huge help in advancing your career.

Resume Boosting

A successful internship will do wonders for your resume. Employers look for applicants with relevant industry expertise, and an internship at a reputable company will help your resume stand out from the crowd.

The Career Development Center at IES MCRC can assist you in putting together an appealing CV that effectively emphasises your internship experiences.

Career Focus

Your career ambitions can be clearly defined with the aid of internships. You might develop new interests during your PGDM program at IES MCRC or realize that a certain field is not a good fit for you. Your time and effort will be better spent finding a career that actually fits your passion and skill set as a result of your self-discovery.

In conclusion, internships at IES MCRC are a crucial component of your PGDM education. They provide a wide range of advantages, such as the ability to put classroom knowledge into practice, the development of skills, the chance to network, the improvement of resumes, and the clarity of one's career path.

You can give yourself a competitive edge in the job market and put yourself on the road to a rewarding and successful career by actively engaging in internships and taking advantage of the chances presented to you. These internships are not only necessary at IES MCRC; they also serve as a launching pad for a more promising future.

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