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Why I Chose IES MCRC PGDM — Here is My Story

Gauri Bagwe
November 28, 2022

As someone who has envisioned learning about the financial ways of the world, I realised earlier on in life that the PGDM course was my calling. I have understood my potential from a very ripe age, but finding the right direction was the most important part of my budding career. Thankfully, the best PGDM college in the form of IES MCRC emerged in my life—and things have never been the same, for the better.

Why PGDM? 

The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) ranks and regards colleges and assigns them a proverbial value. Following the accreditation,  AIU (Association of Indian Universities) has held the PGDM program as an equivalent to MBA. Quite obviously, this was the first reason why I considered pursuing the PGDM degree to begin with. 

If I have to elucidate further, I can assure you that there is now a fine line between MBA and PGDM colleges. I have learnt that the exposure I got from my PGDM institute was no less than my peers in their respective MBA colleges. The real-world applications surpass MBA-equivalents too, as I have realised in retrospect. 

My Experience — Here is My Story 

If you, the reader, are wondering why I chose to enrol myself in the top PGDM college, allow me to enlist the reasons for you. This should work as a stepping stone, if you are considering taking the same path. 

The Guru-Shishya Relationship 

 In order to understand oneself truly and deeply, a solid sense of direction is important. As a student, it is ideally not possible to do the same on my own. That is where the godsend played a pivotal role in my life. 

I received great tutors who made understanding my realms easier. They were dedicated, hardworking visionaries, who worked as true facilitators to propel my professional career. One-on-one conversations, doubt-clearing, and comprehension sessions were a commonplace affair. 

Industrial Visits and Roleplaying

The true test of wits started when I was exposed to real-world problems. Much like MBA degrees, PGDM equivalent to MBA took me across a myriad range of industries. I was exposed to a lot of real-world problems, varying in type—from logistical to technical. 

Roleplaying here was a significant factor in my professional growth. IES MCRC ensured that I was put through roles across all levels, in order to understand what my calling is. They ensured that I was a well-suited candidate for a wide range of demanding industries. 

Case Studies and Group Activities Shaped Personal Growth 

It is just as important to grow as a person as it is to be a staunch professional. The PGDM degree course ensured that I was provided enough case studies and group projects that helped me shape into a better human too. 

For instance, I was average when it came to my oratory skills. I was not much of a leader either. However, once I was assigned to group activities in the top PGDM college, my extra-curricular skills started shaping too. I have become vocally assertive, and at the same time, more understanding too. 

Final Words

In this regard, I have attained professional and personal clarity that I previously could not imagine. I have also successfully shaped my credentials as well as my personality in order to meet the demands of most industries—and all the credit goes to IES MCRC. 

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