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PGDM Class of 2024, Get Ready for this Life-Changing Experience!

Saurabh Paradkar
August 3, 2022

Dear Batch of 2024, 

You have already embarked upon a once-in-a-lifetime journey. After having enrolled for the PGDM course, you have made sure that your life is a memorable and noble one indeed. The next two years are going to be the best ones of this decade, we can assure you. 

Don’t get carried away—this PGDM degree would mean endless nights, long hours of work, but in the process, you would be getting the most sought-after attribute that humankind craves—fulfillment. How would you make sure that you get the most out of this? Here is what you must keep in mind after your PGDM admission. 

Make Sure to Have a Clear Vision 

We can assure you that the best PGDM colleges will groom you to the finest possible standard. But you will be ever-so-consumed in the hustle and bustle of this new fast-paced life. Be sure to always have a clear vision and don’t lose sight of it. 

Be sure as to what you want from this PGDM programme. Are you seeking academia? Or are you seeking efficient networking? Be sure to have a clear goal about it—and stick to it for eternity. 

Get Ready to be Part of Bubbles and Circles

Irrespective of the kind of path you plan on taking, get ready to be part of new microcosms and circles. What is otherwise called a social bubble—this will be a big part of your experience in this PGDM institute. 

This can be a mixed bag, so be sure to embrace both with humility. You will be meeting all kinds of people, and while good and bad are subjective ideas—don’t expect to fit in, always. But that is a good thing after all. PGDM colleges in India are known to produce unique personalities, and if you train yourself to be composed in all circles, you will surely stand out. 

Participate, but Know When to Decline

Being part of these bubbles comes at a social cost of participation. Being part of projects and workshops will require a lot of your own participation. Not only for the PGDM-related itineraries, but the extra-curricular ones too. 

Be sure to make the most of these experiences, but don’t lose yourself in the process either. Learning when to say no can be a really powerful tool, especially in PGDM degree courses. 

Embrace Rejection 

There will be times when both social bubbles and prestigious companies will not deem you to be the most appropriate, at least at that point in time. Don’t take it to heart. PGDM institutes in India have ample opportunities for you. Embracing rejection will make you work hard on your shortcomings—which eventually you will have none of. 

Finally, Carpe Diem!

In all this, be sure to enjoy each moment in this beautiful journey. Countless memories, innumerable hours of hard work, and aeons of brainstorming sessions will render you exhausted—only if you don’t enjoy each moment of it. 

We assure you that if you follow these and listen to your alumni and seniors for constructive advice, you will transform yourself into the best version that you have possibly never fathomed—and we will help you get to your true potential. Welcome aboard!


Your Well Wishers, IEC MCRC.

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